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Is anyone good at coming up with clever and ambiguous film titles?

Hi fellow filmmakers!

Trying to keep this on the down low as much as possible, but also desperate for suggestions.

We've just wrapped on principal photography for a pretty big short film project.

The film is about a couple who are both musicians that write and perform as a duo. The guy gets approached by A&R from a major record company and is offered a deal IF he goes solo and proceeds without his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the girl unexpectedly discovers she is pregnant.

As everything's about to come to a head and decisions are about to be made, the couple have a car crash because the dude starts texting whilst driving. Sadly, his girlfriend's injuries are fatal. It ends there.

This film has been made to help prevent driver distraction. It'll be played as part of a major campaign at the end of the year, and also in schools and colleges across the nation as the characters are ambitious young people that the audience can engage with and start to care about before the inevitable happens.

The only trouble is, is we don't have a title for it yet and the marketing and PR is due to commence this week. We're looking for an ambiguous name that is seemingly referring to the decisions the characters are facing in the film or their music, but can ultimately be referring to the fatal accident also- but it needs to be really subtle so as not to give away the whole point!

If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be much appreciated and a credit will go out to whoever picks the title we end up settling on.

Many thanks in advance,

2 years ago