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Seeking Female Directors, Producers and other collaborators of any gender

I am a female writer on the BBC Scottish Voices scheme with a number of scripts under my belt, looking to collaborate with a Director and Producer on some short films. I've written and self-funded short films myself but find being the Director, Producer, Editor and writer exhausting and I'd much rather stick to writing!

In view of the diversity issues within the industry especially with Directors, I'm particularly keen to work with a female Director who might be bored stuck at home with nothing to do as I have a few scripts which I've recorded with actors via zoom which has been fantastic, but I know from experience I'm not the best Director in the world and I would benefit from handing my work to someone with more experience in that area.

I also hope to apply for funding for a short film as proof of concept for a feature and would like to get a team together in order to do that and just reaching out for collaborators in general

My work is varied but tends to be female led with a strong dramatic arc and a comedic element. I've written comedy, drama, period pieces, political and psychological thrillers and kids.

I'd also love to connect with actors who want to practice right now with unpaid zooms and other collaborators of any gender for next year I guess, in the hope that we might finally be back to normal then!

My email is if you'd like to get in touch.

3 months ago