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Legalities for filming at Charity Public Event (as a Free Volunteer)


I run a small free film club in London - where I teach newcomers how to make movies + collaborate with artistic people on various projects. Everyone involved sign waivers as they join to prevent any possible legal issues.

I have recently been asked to film a Charity PUBLIC event in a Town Hall, where the Mayor and possibly hundreds of members of the public will be present.

I do not have any say in the project, nor do I have any ownership of it. I am simply volunteering for a charity on the day.

I cannot possibly get Release forms signed by the public I capture in camera. Do I need Release forms from the performers (even though they are managed by the Charity itself)?

What legal issues should I be aware of?

What legal paperwork do I need to absolve myself from any potential legal disasters that could happen? (eg someone trips on the extension wire, etc)

I have never needed any Public Liability Insurance for my small community club. Do I need one now? If so, what's the fastest way I can cover myself - as the event is happening in 7 days!

Basically, how do I protect myself for any eventuality?

Any input would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

1 year ago