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Query on Blu-ray disc image file size - Toast


Just wondered if anyone has any experience with Roxio Toast on the Mac. I’m looking to create a simple Blu-Ray, no menu. I exported the film from Davinci Resolve as a 1080p MP4 file and the file size is 21GB (the film is 100 mins).

My disc holds 25GB so I set “Reencoding” to “Never” in the encoding tab in Toast as I don’t want it to re-encode the file. However, the disc image it created is only 7.78 GB. I’m confused as I asked it not to re-encode.

If I adjust the Average Bit Rate and Maximum Bit Rate settings it will make the disc image file size bigger. Does this mean that Toast is re-encoding the file, despite “Reencoding” being to “Never”?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for Average and Maximum bit rate settings so I can get the highest quality without causing playback problems?

Any help greatly appreciated.


5 months ago