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WANTED - Creative people just wanting to create and expand portfolios (Particularly DP's/Camera operators/Directors) LONDON

Hello SP community,

This is really a general shout out to those people who want to just get out there and create something and have some time to do so.

I’m looking to connect with people that are wanting to just get out there and shoot material and experiment with ideas in their spare time to improve their craft and build their portfolio.

I’m part of a collective of professional Actors (who between us have varying skills - writing/producing/directing/dp's ) who want to create some work in their down time, and build a network of like minded creative people.

We currently have a number of projects already in development, a number of shorts and a feature. We have one short at the moment we particularly want to get started on. We’re also keen to not procrastinate and get bogged down with the ‘process’ of getting things made. Sometimes we might just want to get out there and shoot a scene of something and see what works.

The people we’d be interested in connecting with would be -

Camera Operators/DP’s/Sound recordists - with their own kit who want to build their portfolio or just get other there and practice on new equipment they might have bought.
Editors/ Directors/Producers/writers... - if you want to work on new material...

Just interested in reaching out and hearing from people. So please do get in touch on the forum or drop me a message if any of this sounds interesting, and would be great to have links to your current work if you have any and tell us a little about yourself.

Please note we are based in London .

Many thanks,

1 year ago