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:::: SOUNDIES :::: Are You A Location Sound Recordist Looking To Collaborate On High Quality Short Films?

Hi SP Soundies,

I am building a network of people who want to get involved in making high quality short films.

I am working with the best writers on SP and sourcing the best scripts and team.

You don't need loads of experience, I am more interested in people who are passionate and solution focused.

I have the following roles secured below and ready to go, I will be getting other key team members but am looking to tick the LSRs box now.

Roles secured so far:

1. DP
2. Producer
3. Director
4. AD
5. Gaffer

I need a location sound recordist who is interested in joining my motivated and hungry to create team. Is that you?

Please comment and let me know if you are interested.

Take a look at my short Wynters Tide: - you will see I am a committed and honest director.

Are you a location sound recordist motivated to meet new people and get involved with high quality short films?

Comment below.

Stay Lucky,

1 year ago