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one to one tuition with DaVinci Resolve for colour and edit

Hi all, I have been trying to find a website like Freelancer but one that actually allows you to do in person training rather than 100% online totalitarian monitoring (post covid home detention of course but before lockdown 3 and the civil war next November). I am an active learner and if anyone else mentions how easy it is to learn from online tutorials I will set myself on fire while hanging myself biting a cyanide pill! I want to sit down next to the person coaching me and learn by doing, that's it. If anyone has any idea how anything can be done in real life in the real world any more please get in touch. I feel like I'm the only one left....the real world still exists outside, trees falling in forests and everything...I'm on a tight budget and I'm just looking to grasp the basics to get me going. I'm not totally retarded with technology and I am fairly competent with iMovie - I even did a Ken Burns and green screen the other day. But I just can't live with the iMovie "Blockbuster" one click grading anymore. I'm better than that now. I have a few self tapes I did on my Lumix that I want to work on, so that will be the training material, so at the end I will have some nicely finished micro shorts of my fine acting skills. If anyone else is in the same boat and would like to collaborate, maybe we could pool funds and get a tutor for a few days. I was thinking 3-5 days. Flexible on location. Any suggestions welcome that don't mention Youtube or anything like that. Thanks for listening!

8 months ago