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Does anyone have a large apartment to hire for filming over a couple of weeks in October in Cheshire?

We are seeking an apartment in Cheshire that we can use for filming our feature. The entire film will be shot in the apartment and the dates will be 9th October to 22nd October 2017. We are looking at starting filming around 8am and concluding around 4pm every day, due to light and wanting to maintain an effect of the day slowly moving forward. The film is called "Alchemized" and follows 24 hours in the life of a synthetic emotion dealer. It is a science fiction/crime piece in the mould of "Limitless". Most importantly, we are happy to pay for the right location. Our budget is not huge, but location is a priority. If it is possible to smoke in the location, that would be hugely beneficial to our shoot, but it is not essential. We understand if the property needs to be respected. We are also very happy to clean up after ourselves everyday and we will have full insurance for the shoot to cover the property. This is a low budget shoot, not a shot-on-the-cheap shoot. Our website is

1 year ago