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...And another director looking for a producer

Hi SP folks,

It's 'pick your director' time for the producers of SP - I'm looking for a producer to pair up with to develop an application for The Uncertain Kingdom fund. I'm a writer/director, currently have a short in London Short Film Fest, and have several older shorts under my belt.

The film I'd like to get funded is about a smuggling lorry driver, set against the backdrop of the chaos caused by brexit and the ongoing migrant crisis. I have a treatment, script and some pitch materials at the ready but ideally would like to pair with someone to build around the original idea and develop the story further.

If this sounds too big budget to start with, I do have a couple of low budget ideas that could also serve as a good testing grounds including one about a drunk stumbling the streets of Central London at night (that'll be a fun shoot in winter).

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please do get in touch.

Here's my LSFF short:


10 months ago