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What if you have the chance to spend a 8500 £/10.000 $ for a possible bursary in UK or EU or above? What course/school would you consider or suggest?

Dear All, I apologize for the "off topic" question:

I live in Italy but thinking about a relocation...Just Today opens a local governmental "call" for a bursary that could be granted for about 8000 € /8600 £ in Europe/wherever) 10.000€(about 10.500 $) for extra EU destination(USA/CANADA or wherever...), for any course/master/practical class in the area of cinema(Directing or screenwriting/directing it's my preferred path).

Unluckily my possible "portfolio" it's only about screenwritings attempts(a feature and shorts) and short stories(by now but I am almost ready to shoot a hopefully good short film with a low budget ...1000/1500 maybe € 5 min long max).

I am just thinking if any of you know or can suggest a good affordable school both university and vocational course/school, the minimum requirment is that the program it MUST be 1 year long as minimun acceptable timing to be considered for the grant(a standard academic year or comparable with...) The less priced the better considering that I should eventually consider also to afford a living...Are there any course you could suggest that is really worth it?

Please don't say me that ALL courses and schools are unusless, I know that the 95% could be a no sense, but as this is an(maybe) for free possibility I am only curious about any wise advice on What or where could be a smart place with the chance to learn by doing, not an only theoretical one nor a " only cash machine" one.. by the way as I don't have a strong portfolio I can't pretend too much but I don't want if possible, to waste time....

Obiouvsly I can consider also something valuable here in Italy, but the good schools are too expensive and the governmental one have the absurde limit of 25/27 y.o. for almost any courses, and I am 33 .

A great problem is that the "Call" will close within less than a month(it's really foolish) but it will be possible to apply for the bursary in a speculative way and if eventually admitted to the course the bursaires will be awarded following several merit criteria about former university titles and marks and experience etc..

I have a first class Bsc and Msc in Ecology and Marine Biology + post graduate diploma in Nutrition, currently freelance nutritionist and special needs teacher but I am looking for a twist in my life and career!

Thanks to everyone!

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2 years ago