Rock and Roll baby!

Posted October 16th, 2007 by ingrid

I just picked up my CMJ badge at the Puck building. Wow, it’s quite a change of scene from the IFP Market. More check-shirts, bangs, and beards for one thing! I’m trying to be all grown up and get over my obsession with boys with guitars but it all came flooding back for a second today. I remembered that I nearly got “ROCK” tattooed in huge Wild West letters on my back not too long ago. Before I chickened out and realized that I was all talk and no trousers. Plus playing guitar hurts my fingers. Wah!

Anyway, CMJ is not just about music, they also have a film festival running alongside the Music Marathon and they are showing a few films I really want to see. Unfortunately I just realized that I missed Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There which screened at 2pm today. NOT VERY CONVENIENT PEOPLE! But there’s more good stuff to come: G.J. Ekternkamp’s Frank & Cindy tonight and then Jonathan Demme’s Jimmy Carter Man From Plains tomorrow. Julien Temple’s Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten is playing on Saturday in a CMJ Clash Film Marathon. Check out all the CMJ film info here.

And I’ll be checking out a few music showcases as well of course. When in Rome and all that. I’m excited that there are a bunch of bands I want to see playing in Brooklyn so I don’t even have to move too far to rock out. Maybe I should get that tat after all!

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