Posted October 22nd, 2007 by ingrid

Some friends of mine considered calling their kid Rocktober but alas they didn’t. But I digress. October has been a rocking month. I saw some great bands at CMJ, spending most of my time at Union Pool (because it’s close by and I’m lazy). La Société Expéditionnaire showcase last Wednesday was wonderful. There’s nothing I like more than sitting on a barstool in a cozy venue listening to people with lovely voices playing guitar. Check out all the artists on this label because they’re on to a good thing. I finally fixed the ancient turntable I bought for $40 thinking it was a great deal (after a new cartridge, belt and stylus, turns out it wasn’t!) which meant I could buy vinyl after the show. Oh the joy!

I also really enjoyed Chris Mills on Friday – I only caught the end of his set but Signal/Noise, his last song, was fantastic and made me an immediate fan.

On another note, check out this Bat for Lashes vid, it’s funny:

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