Writer’s Strike

Posted November 8th, 2007 by ingrid

I’m a lazy, lazy blogger at the moment, lots of excuses of course but y’all don’t want to hear them. So in the spirit of laziness I’m going to post this YouTube vid which gives a pithy explanation of the reasons behind the WGA writer’s strike (instead of actually writing about it which is what I shoulda woulda coulda done). It’s a bit dry but it’s about the facts people, just the facts. I think they absolutely deserve to get a better deal. Watch this and feel free to sound off about what you think on the Shooting People Screenwriters bulletin.

This is funnier (thanks to Screenwriters Editor Andy Conway for these links):

And I’ll end with an excerpt from a bang-on blog post from Josh Whedon (read the whole thing for more context):

We’re talking about story-telling, the most basic human need. Food? That’s an animal need. Shelter? That’s a luxury item that leads to social grouping, which leads directly to fancy scarves. But human awareness is all about story-telling. The selective narrative of your memory. The story of why the Sky Bully throws lightning at you. From the first, stories, even unspoken, separated us from the other, cooler beasts. And now we’re talking about the stories that define our nation’s popular culture – a huge part of its identity. These are the people that think those up. Working writers.

“The trappings of a union protest…” You see how that works? Since we aren’t real workers, this isn’t a real union issue. (We’re just a guild!) And that’s where all my ‘what is a writer’ rambling becomes important. Because this IS a union issue, one that will affect not just artists but every member of a community that could find itself at the mercy of a machine that absolutely and unhesitatingly would dismantle every union, remove every benefit, turn every worker into a cowed wage-slave in the singular pursuit of profit. (There is a machine. Its program is ‘profit’. This is not a myth.) This is about a fair wage for our work. No different than any other union. The teamsters have recognized the importance of this strike, for which I’m deeply grateful. Hopefully the Times will too.

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