Making Film Central to a Campaign – from The Media Conference

Posted December 13th, 2007 by ingrid

Here’s some more useful information from The Media Conference held in London earlier this year. This panel discusses how to work with non-profits, NGOs etc to create sustainable impact with your film.

Key Points

  • The filmmaker should form strategic partnerships with relevant NGO’s early on in a film’s production to devise a long-term strategy of how best to maximise the film’s campaigning potential and resulting impact.
  • Any broadcast dates or film festival screenings should be identified as key strategic moments for rallying around the issues covered in the film.
  • NGO partners can use films to campaign by hosting informal screening parties – in café’s, town halls, anywhere with a TV – where the relevant issues can be discussed afterwards and, if the tools are provided, people can immediately take action.
  • Similarly, documentary films are an effective way of reaching a young audience and can be packaged as an educational resource and distributed amongst schools.
  • Celebrity endorsement is often a necessary evil to get press attention but should not be relied up on as a long-term strategy

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