Indie Filmmakers Hit Their Target

Posted June 16th, 2008 by ingrid

John Tozzi’s Business Week article Indie Filmmakers Hit Their Target shows the abundance of new methods of distribution available to independent filmmakers. He details success stories of films and their creators who, rather than following traditional routes, are opting to take distribution on with the same entrepreneurial spirit they channel into their films. By maintaining their distribution rights, these filmmakers are carving new roads into advertising and distribution, while managing to draw a greater interest in their films (as opposed to the traditional methods of the past). The tools available on the internet as well as the niche communities who post, blog and communicate with each other across the web, have mustered a huge amount of support for films that ten years ago might have spent their time attracting nothing but dust, forgotten on a shelf.

Read the full article here. There’s a slideshow too!

Thanks to Peter Broderick for the link.

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