Social Media for Filmmakers

Posted November 17th, 2008 by ingrid

Ted Hope’s new blog Truly Free Film is definitely one to add to your reader (if you haven’t started subscribing to blog feeds in a reader I highly recommend it – it saves time and allows you to keep track of loads of blogs and websites in one place. I use Google Reader but there are other options out there). I previously wrote about Hope’s Phoenix Rising speech here and his Truly Free Film blog follows on from this with excellent tips for filmmakers. One of his posts talks about what a bunch of luddites filmmakers can be and I have to say that I have found this to be mostly true and it’s a shame because there are some incredible tools out there for us to use now. Shooting People is celebrating its 10th birthday this week and in the last decade we have seen some monumental changes in terms of technology and innovation. It’s hard for filmmakers now because the competition is so fierce (and the budgets are often so low) but the ability that we now have to connect and collaborate with each other and our audiences is unprecedented.

In one of his posts, Hope linked to this excellent resource on social media by Beth Kanter (check out her blog on how nonprofits can use social media). I follow her on Twitter because her observations are often very relevant for filmmakers too. Twitter has become a useful tool for finding out about exciting things happening in the world of Web2.0, social media and technology – and I have been introduced to lots of great people and ideas through it. It is definitely worth investigating although it can also be something of a time-suck. You have been warned.

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