Louisa Mayman

Posted March 26th, 2010 by Ben

Louisa won Best Student film at Ecu. We did do a much more interesting and in depth interview about her film “The Highest Low” which is a beautiful, poetic, frank and at times surprisingly witty account of her struggle to rebuild her life following a terrible car accident. Sadly this interview doesn’t seem to have been uploaded so instead here she is being deservedly delighted at winning…

And here is the trailer for her film…

Hopefully I can prod the people at G-Tech to release the longer interview because Louisa talked brilliantly about this, her first film. It takes a remarkable patch work approach to retelling her story and mixes a variety of home and archive sources to create an impressionist portrait of her slow recovery. Working in this way she is able to tell her painful and personal story without being mawkish. Hers is an incredible physical and mental journey but rather than presenting it in the standard “triumph over adversity” narrative you’d expect, her route through her recent history is circuitous and well crafted.

Though it’s hard not to want to award her with prizes just for being able to stand up, it’s clear that this award was deserved for the standard of her filmmaking alone.

If you can’t see the videos click here: http://shootingpeople.org/blog/category/bensblog/2010/03/louisa-mayman/

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