UK Film Council closure – have your say on our latest poll

Posted July 26th, 2010 by ingrid

Shocking is the only way to describe today’s news that Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to abolish the UK Film Council.

With an annual budget of £15m, the UKFC has been deemed unnecessary under the growing strain of the UK economic crisis. Ed Vaizey has said that they want to close it down by April 2012.

So, is this going to affect YOU? What’s in store for the future?

We’ve already kicked off the debate on Facebook and Twitter but we want to get feedback from the entire Shooting People community.

Have your say on our poll.

Scene from In The Loop – funded by the UKFC

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  1. Brett Gerry

    The UK Film Council is dead – long live the British film industry!

  2. Damian Rafferty

    Not perfect of course but vital and ridiculously cheap at £15m. This is probably what it costs to provide bodyguards to royals or run the ministerial fleet of cars. The repercussions will be long felt as other organisations like First Light (helping kids get into making films) get impacted.

  3. Paul M

    Maybe SP should take a poll of the number of people that received support from the Film Council. I think the results will not impress. Talk about bureaucracy! Let’s not forget that it all starts with the script. Period. The Film Council should simply filter each and every script/concept WITHOUT any supporting material. Unbiased. That would cut down cost and raise the quality FOR EVERYONE. The rest can easily follow. Budgets, who directs etc. Why waste time on this stuff if the script is not compelling enough for them? Hours are thus wasted by film makers on producing and the FC on vetting supporting material. Hours that film makers could be spending on their next project. $$$’s that the film council could save in streamlining the whole process.

  4. DavidWinters

    UK Film Council Caught Red-Handed

    Lobbying Against Government

    Yesterday the luvvies at the UK Film Council quango were summoned by Ed Vaizey to answer claims they had misused resources to promote their own survival rather than the interests of the British movie industry. The suspicion at the DCMS is that they were running a scaremongering spin operation drawing in the likes of Clint Eastwood and billionaire film producer Steven Spielberg to write publicly demanding the British taxpayer subsidises their movies.

    A UK Film Council spin-doctor yesterday denied the allegations, piously intoning that: “The future of the UK film industry is the only thing the UK Film Council is interested in.” Unfortunately PR Week had already gone to press before Vaizey had voiced his suspicion that the luvvies were using public resources to promote their own interests, rather than those of the film industry. In PR Week Oliver Rawlins, the film quango’s head spinner boasted that he had

    “been handling a comms strategy relying on third-party advocacy… We’ve ensured that the message has been simple, clear and consistent: this is a terrible decision that disregards the commercial benefits of the UK Film Council…”

    Which rather undermines the quango’s subsequent claim that they weren’t spinning to save their own necks…

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    at August 18, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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