Summify – a handy summary of your social media

Posted January 17th, 2012 by ingrid

If you feel rather overwhelmed by the barrage of social media information coming at you every day but don’t want to miss any good stories I highly recommend Summify. It sends stories by email – you decide how many and how often – and it always sends me interesting stuff I might otherwise have missed. Of course this does depend on how good/relevant your social media feeds are in the first place which is yet another thing to think about (as if you needed more work to do) but it’s definitely worth exploring. There’s also an iPhone app (of course!)

  1. Robin from Summify

    Thanks for sharing! Drop us a line on Twitter (@summify) if we can ever help with anything.

    Here’s a great post on How To Be Awesome On Social Media In 20 Minutes A Day by using Buffer with Summify:

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