BAFTA 2013

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This year an assortment of films by Shooters have been nominated for awards at BAFTA for Short Film, Short Animation, Animated Film, Documentary and Outstanding British Film.

Five films in total have been nominated in the Short Film section, four of which are made by Shooters. Good Night by Muriel d’Ansembourg is a smart take on ruthless adult reality, mixed with the attempts of two teenage girls to “grow up” over night in contemporary London.

Rhianna Andrews short Tumult follows the journey of an injured tribe of Norse warriors after battle. They trek across desolate land where the near death chief makes to entrust his title to his son, when they are ambushed by an army of a whole other kind. Tumult is experiencing continuing success, as in 2012 the short was also screened in Sundance film festival.

The Voorman Problem by shooter Mark Gill focuses on Dr. Williams (Martin Freeman), who is doctor to Mr.Voorman’s (Tom Hollander) sanity. Voorman is a prisoner who has deemed himself a God, leaving the doctor to confirm whether is he a faker, or a lunatic. As well as being nominated by BAFTA, The Voorman Problem was also in the Official Selection of the BFI London Film Festival 2012.

Film 4 and BFI backed the making of Fyzal Boulifa’s short film The Curse, which is receiving ongoing success after winning the ILLY Best Short Film Prize at Cannes Film Festival in 2012. The Curse is a fairytale that follows the unfortunate and harsh journey of a woman, who’s secret is discovered by a group of local kids that threaten its exposure. The Curse is also being screened at this year’s Sundance and has also recently been played at the London Short Film Festival.

Up for Short Animation is The Making of Longbird by Shooter Will Anderson. The Making of Longbird takes a look ‘behind the scenes’ at the animator/filmmaker as he struggles to capture his character onto the page.

Animation company LAIKA have re-teamed with Focus Features on Paranorman by Shooter Sam Fell, which has been nominated in the Animated Film section. Paranorman is a 3D stop-motion comedy thriller, where a small town comes under attack by zombies and only the misunderstood Norman can talk to them.

Searching for Sugar Man which was produced by Shooter Simon Chinn, has been nominated for a Documentary award. Searching for Sugar Man is the amazing story of 70’s rock icon, Rodriguez. With rumors of on stage suicide surrounding the death of the singer/songwriter, the documentary follows two of his fans as they find out the truth behind their hero. As well as being nominated for this years BAFTAs, the documentary is also the winner of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s prestigious Special Jury Prize and World Cinema Audience Award.

Seven Psychopaths has been nominated in the Outstanding British Film section. Shooting People recently held a screening of Seven Psychopaths with a Q&A from Shooter Lisa Gunning, who edited the film. Seven Psychopaths is a comedy that follows a struggling screenwriter, who through ill-fated events becomes tied up with the Los Angeles criminal underworld, all because his friends kidnapped the wrong Shih Tzu…

Well done and good luck to all the filmmakers nominated for an award at this year’s BAFTAs, we look forward to finding out the results.



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