London Short Film Festival 2013

Posted January 3rd, 2013 by Xenia

Hi Shooters,

Here at Shooting People we have been eagerly awaiting for this years London’s Short Film Festival and finally, that day has arrived!

Tomorrow will kick off the start to the London Short Film Festival, which is celebrating it’s 10th year running. We’ll be heading down to the ICA where the festivals opening night celebrations will be taking place. There will be a mix of DJ’s and (we suspect) plenty of drinks – so we hope to see you there!

To get things rolling the first section of the festival program: ‘Short 1: Funny Shit’, is being screened tomorrow night. Mixed among this humourous bunch you will find several shooters films including Duncan Roe’s zombie/marriage film, ‘28 Years Later’. Also being played is ‘The Gay in the Attic’ a film by shooter Simon Connolly, which follows a desperate young man in his attempts to bring home his girlfriend for the night. ‘The Knowledge’ by Adam Jenkins is a mock-documentary about minicab driver Sammy Macfarlane, as he struggles to overcome his memory problems and become a black cab driver. Finally, shooter Graham Lester’s‘Special Delivery’ posts a serious warning to all delivery boys, urging them to not smoke on their rounds. ‘Special Delivery’ focuses on the mishaps of one postman, who makes the rookie mistake of posting his burning cigarette into someones hall…

Good luck to all the filmmakers involved with this years London Short film festival, and we look forward to discovering what other shooters are involved!


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