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Posted April 23rd, 2013 by Fred & Gemma FatRat

This week we’re doing an online release of our new animated documentary, Act of Terror.  It’s about Gemma’s fight for justice, after she was assaulted by the police for filming them.

You can watch it here.

Act of Terror

But the reason we’re here on Shooting People is that over the next week we’ll be publishing a video blog of our attempt to make the film go viral.  We’ll be talking about our campaign, sharing the successes and the failures, and what we’ve learnt along the way.

But we want to hear your thoughts, how has online distribution gone for you? Is it better than the festival route? Does it lead to tangible benefits?

So we’ve started a discussion

There’s more detail about what the campaign is and how we built it. Come join us, we’ll be online all week, debating and musing and generally scratching our chins in the name of virality.

But wait before you do that watch our first video blog entry. Every day around 10am we’ll be publishing a new one, so look out for it and let us know your thoughts.

Act of Terror online Distribution Blog – Day 1


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