Thank You.

Posted May 9th, 2013 by Ben

photograph by Lenka Rayn

photograph by Lenka Rayn H

So there we go, believe it or not, we did it. At the start of the week we were £7.5k adrift of our £18k Kickstarter target but by 6pm Wednesday we’d crossed the line. As we said in the pitch – magically, impossibly, Nina was brought back to life.

I just wanted to say an extra special thank you to all the Shooting People people who supported us – especially those who took up my challenge of pledging a single pound. It means a lot. Filmmaking is an expensive passion and I know that most Shooters are, just like me, skint most of the time. Pledging a pound to Kickstarter means so much on so many levels.

Firstly though obviously we did it for the money, it’s a close run thing between money and audience. An original independent feature film from first time writer/directors (with a first time feature producer, first time feature dp, first time feature editors…) starts out with an audience that statistically rounds down to no one at all. Anything that helps to bring people into the project is giving the kiss of life, by pledging a single pound you added another name to the list, another number to the tally, another voice to the gaggle forming outside the cinema office.

As someone who has been a part of this community for over a decade, those £1 pledges meant something else though. £1 doesn’t get you a coffee, it doesn’t even get you a pastry (damn my diet). But a £1 pledge from a Shooter is a recognition that we are a community and that, across the world, there are something like 36,000. In that context that £1 pledge suddenly seems quite powerful.

Lastly the £1 pledge delights me not just because it is a recognition of what Shooting People can be but because it recognises what crowd sourcing can mean to independent filmmakers. Shooting People was founded because Cath and Jess saw the potential in using the internet to join creative people together. It was a way of side stepping the strictures of the film industry as was, a way of putting power back in the hands of the restless creative. Crowd sourcing has the potential to do the same all over again because it gives us a market. It’s not a hand out and you don’t wait your turn. It’s a chance for you to take control of your own economic and creative future and I applaud anyone who supports that, even in the most token way.

So thank you once again to everyone who supported Nina Forever, it’s been an awesome experience and leaves us with a daunting but very exciting proposition.

Thank you.


Follow the continued progress of the film here.

  1. Charliw

    Hi Ben, how many shooters took up that challenge? Interested to know.

  2. Lee 'Wozy' Warren

    Well done Ben. Great that you made the target and get the funds to complete your film. Obviously, these funds raised aren’t for the entire picture, but for one aspect – the car crash I beleive. How, if at all, would you change the approach if you were trying to fund the entire picture?

    Obviously, you wouldn’t of had the teaser to show or any of the other videos from on-set for example. I’ve now been involved in two CrowdFunded pictures, both of which were features but neither were for total or even half funds for entire budget, and wonder how the approach would differ?

    Anyway, well done again. Looking forward to seeing the finished film.


  3. Ben

    Hey Lee, thanks, for your comment as well as your pledge 😉

    You’re right, crowd funding was always just one part of our finance package. The key thing to remember with crowd funding is that without a crowd there is no funding.

    Not to say that fully financing via crowd sourcing couldn’t be done but you’d need the right project…

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