Member News – DiCaprio joins Virunga as Exec Producer

Posted October 21st, 2014 by Xenia


Virunga is a documentary about endangered gorillas on the Congo directed by long time Shooting People members Orlando von Einsiedel, and produced by his company Grain Media. Tipped for box office success after a string of prestigious festival award nominations (and wins) this year including The Emerging Director at Hot Docs. The films following has grown from strength to strength, most notably picking up the one and only Leonardo Dicaprio as an Executive Producer. The film is also partnered with Netflix on the films release, set for November 7th.

‘Films like ‘Virunga’ are powerful stories that are a window into the incredible cultural and natural diversity of our world, the forces that are threatening to destroy it, and the people who are fighting to protect it’ – DiCaprio

Other Shooting People members involved include composer Patrick Jonsson and executive producers: Jon Drever from Grain Media and BritDocs Maxyne Franklin and Shooting People co-founder Jess Search.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the film, you can find out more about Grain Media and Virunga here.

Orlando believes Netflix have the power to distribute the film to audiences far and wide:

“Netflix saw Virunga’ when it was screened at HotDocs in Toronto in May 2014 and we started a conversation from that point. Thos project has always been about more than just a film. We have a real adversary we’re fighting against (British Oil Giant SOCO International and their illegal activities in the Virunga National Park)  and the film is a key tool in the battle to protect the park from them.”

“Netflix is the world’s biggest distributor and for us to be able to very quickly get our film out to 53 million homes in 50 countries was an incredible opportunity. Additionally, our exec producer Leonardo DiCaprio was shown the film by the guys at Netflix and came onboard around the same time we finalised our deal with them.”

“We really believe that with the support of Leonardo, Netflix and people across the world, we have the best shot possible to protect one of the world’s most important places for future generations of Congolese and humanity as a whole. I’d love for Shooters to watch the film which they can do here –”

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    […] Virunga is a documentary about endangered gorillas on the Congo. Leonardo DiCaprio has come on board as the films Executive Producer and the film has also partnered Netflix on the films release, set for November 7th. […]

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