Peculiar Locations

Posted December 15th, 2014 by Kelie Petterssen

The idea that filmmaking can take you around the world is extremely attractive. Sampling the delectable delights of South East Asia… or getting drunk on air (or lack of), standing atop and looking over the Argentinian mountain range.

I would never have thought, personally, filmmaking would take someone somewhere like Bulgaria; to the communist monument of Buzludzha.

SP member Michael Garrett made his first fiction short, ‘Last Contact’, out here and had some interesting experiences. The film has just finished a few sell out screenings in Bradford and London.

Anyway, I’ll let him tell you their story.

What was it like filming in Bulgaria? How did you get the idea for the film? 

What was your average day like out there?

Equipment challenges? Looked like you cameras needed thermals…

How was using a historical communist monument as your main location?

Getting permission to film at certain locations can be a complete pain. Interestingly, this wasn’t the case for Buzludzha:

I looked into it in great depth, but there’s no way to get permission because no one takes responsibility for it – no one owns the building. We found it very difficult to get our heads round this, but the same goes for scores of buildings out there. Strange but cool. – Michael Garrett

And even 4×4 struggled in the fierce weather…

Do you have any strange or unusual filming experiences?

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