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Shooting People
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Josh Tregunno

Camera Assistant, Runner, Stills Photographer, Focus Puller, Clapper Loader, Gaffer, Camera Operator, Dolly Grip, Film Lover, Driver, Buyer, Director of Photography

Current Work Details

What I do


Resources / Expertise

Camera and Editing


Paid Work or Collaboration



University for the Creative Arts,
Film Production, Bachelors (Hons) 2:1

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made


I cried watching

Most recently 12 Years a Slave

I left the cinema during

The newest 50 shades, The worst dialogue I have ever had the displeasure of hearing

Directors I love

Taika Waititi, Judd Apatow, JJ Abrams, Stanley Kubrick

Actors I admire

Ewan McGregor, Seth Rogen, Matthew Mcconaughey, Mashallah Ali

Writers I respect

Jon Favreau

My desert island discs

Logan, Goodfellas, The Disaster Artist, Green Book, Pineapple Express.

Books I have given my friends

I don't own any Books, Maybe Ive given too many away

My death row meal

The biggest and cheesiest Pizza possible.

The best thing I own

I haven't got the best car but It helps me out a lot and I appreciate having one.

More about me

Im up for any filming in any role in the camera department I'm very versatile and flexible on set

My Work & Credits