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Shooting People
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Anthony Rhodes

Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Screenwriter



Kingdom School of Arts,
Advanced+ Stage & Screen Acting


Salon Collective,
Meisner Acting


East 15,
Stage Combat Workshop


Manuel Puro,
Self Tape Acting


Harry Burton,
Harold Pinter Workshop


National Theatre,
Rufus Norris P. Octagon Workshop

Robert Whitelock (RADA),
Private Tutoring

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Films I wish I had made

No Country for Old Men & Back to the Future. I also consider these three sci-fi shows I watched in my childhood to be my bucket list's holy trinity (and I've already ticked off one!!): Star Wars, Doctor Who & Red Dwarf.

I cried watching

Bambi, every time.

I left the cinema during

Never left, even if it's bad I always stay to the end HOPING there's something that rewards my loyalty - often there is not ha!!

Directors I love

Probably a bit cliche but Coen Brothers and Tarantino - they tap into worlds that (usually) are totally real yet so far removed from my own experience.

Actors I admire

Bryan Cranston, Josh Brolin, Sam Rockwell

Writers I respect

Dan Harmon, Vince Gilligan & Great Gerwig (I know she is SO MUCH more than a writer, don't worry! Lady Bird was just such great writing)

My desert island discs

I won't lie, it would most likely be a Best Of... album! But if I had to choose it would be Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.

Books I have given my friends

Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen, Happy by Derren Brown & Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman.

My death row meal

If they can get my mum in to cook sausages, mash & beans like when I was a kid then I imagine that would bring me some comfort. If not, give me a steak burger and some big ass fries!

The best thing I own

My life!... Oh, is that too profound for you? Okay, well I still have my Pokemon cards from when I was a kid, that do anything for ya? ...Tough crowd.

My Work & Credits