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Jesse Badham

Runner, Producer, Production Manager, Production Assistant, 1st Assistant Director

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I graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in 2018 with a BA (Hons) Film Production degree, where I directed a grad film 'Kevin'. Since then I've moved to London and have been freelancing in the industry as a runner and PA for large TV productions, mainly in the Location Department. My skills and interests lie in producing, directing and writing. Currently, I am spearheading a few low-budget short film projects as a producer while building contacts with industry professionals, as well as younger filmmakers like myself; finding a balance between gaining industry experience while also working hard to initiate those smaller projects in order to establish myself, learn more, and build a network of talented new filmmakers. More recently I've been undertaking role in a small video production business, Sail Away Media, in which we help design and film promotional video and music videos for clients.

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