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Shooting People
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R Seventeen

Director, Writer, 1st Assistant Director, Assistant Director, Artist Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Cinematographer

Current Work Details

What I do





Where I work

I run my own company or organisation

Technical Skills

Directing, camera, assisting

Resources / Expertise

People person, tech literate, anti-facist


Paid Work or Collaboration



Fine Art, 1st Class Honours

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Stalker, On The Silver Globe, The Seventh Seal, The Souvenir, The Matrix, A Field in England, Colossal Youth

I cried watching

Waiting for Godot, Horse Money, Narita: The Peasants of the Second Fortress, The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun, Requiem for a Dream, 12 Years a Slave, Queen & Slim, Perfumed Nightmare

I left the cinema during

Eat Pray Love, The Hurt Locker, Saving Private Ryan, Munich, Afterparti

Directors I love

Djibril Diop Mambéty, Pedro Costa, Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman, Tsai Ming-liang, Tarkovsky, Joanna Hogg, Lynn Ramsey, Steve McQueen, Béla Tarr

Actors I admire

Ventura, Lee Kang-sheng, Michael Smiley, Vladimir Gvojic, Strike Lucicky, Daniel Day-Lewis, Riz Ahmed

Writers I respect

Beckett, Foucault, Carl Cattermole, Dostoevsky, Alex Garland, Steve McQueen, Lynn Ramsey, Tsai Ming-Liang, Tom McCarthy

My desert island discs

Burial - Come Down To Us, Push - Universal Nation and something from my brother (Chapel)

Books I have given my friends

Mark Fisher - Capitalist Realism, Charles Bukowski - What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire, Muammar Gaddafi - The Green Book

My death row meal

I would not die that way.

The best thing I own

A membership to Shooting People.

More about me

I am a practicing artist who is going further into film. I am interested "docu-fiction" or "hyperreality" or where fiction and reality meet. I like working with people on the fringes.

My Work & Credits