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Shooting People
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Jakub Kujawski

Sound Editor, Sound designer, Foley Artist, Composer, Sound Recordist, Sound Assistant

Current Work Details

Technical Skills

I can record, edit sound for film, computer games such as Foley, sound design and sound to trailers, I can make a remix of original track. I use Logic Pro X/FL Studio/Ableton DAW Softwares. I can set up the microphones on the stage and make a headphones and mics mix. I know different mic stereo techniques ( like Mid-Side, XY) I am a multi-instrumentalist ( as I play keyboard, drums, didgeridoo, guitar) I can create and edit sound design using different plugins. I understand how the music industry works. I have experience of using the Allen & Heath GSR24 Mixer. I use Mac and PC.



RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma In Music Production


Music Production BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma

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Directors I love

Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch

Actors I admire

Jake Gyllenhaal

Books I have given my friends

"Awareness" by Anthony de Mello, "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho