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Shooting People
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Current Work Details

What I do



I would like some!

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Godfather trilogy One flew over the cuckoos nest Green mile Saving Private Ryan Etc Etc

I cried watching

My partner slowly dying of cancer

I left the cinema during

Titanic Mama Mia All Schwarzenegger films

Directors I love

Spielberg (of course) Danny Boyle Greengrass

Actors I admire

De Nero, Pacino, Judy Dench, McQueen, Dudley Moore Etc

Writers I respect

Grisham and Me

My desert island discs

All of Queen albums. ELO. B Streisand. and my old mate Bob Weston (ex Fleetwood Mac)

Books I have given my friends

All mine

My death row meal

Cold Lobster, home made mayonnaise, crisp salad and a very chilled Chablis.

The best thing I own

My laptop

More about me

I'm just a nice bloke!