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Shooting People
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James Knowles

Producer, Writer, Director

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University of Salford,
Film Production, BA (Hons)

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Films I wish I had made

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I cried watching

Toy Story 3

I left the cinema during

Never, I always watch a film through even if I am not enjoying it.

Directors I love

Jon Favreau, Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi and Baz Luhrmann.

Actors I admire

Tom Hanks, Emma Stone, Russel Crow and Ryan Gosling.

Writers I respect

Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, John Hughes, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.

My desert island discs

The complete works of Hans Zimmer, Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant.

Books I have given my friends

Feasting of the Wolf, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Lady Windermere's Fan and She stoops to conquer.

My death row meal

Lasagne, specifically my mother's recipe.

The best thing I own

A signed metal Captain America shield by Stan Lee.

More about me

I am most effective in the role of producer as I am responsible, organised, decisive, articulate, creative and excellent at problem solving. I work very well in every and any team I am a part of. I am efficient in organising and managing a team, and also in procuring filming permissions for hard to obtain locations (e.g. Abandoned Swimming Pool and Southport Cemetery). I am professional and persistent. I make backup plans. I keep my team updated at each and every step of the project. I have excellent time management. I am resourceful, flexible and I have excellent people skills. I am also a writer. I believe discussion is key, I am cooperative, passionate, understanding and always willing to learn. I take my research seriously and I work to a strict schedule. I take on any and all constructive criticism. I make sure to adhere to recognised story structures and naturalistic dialogue styles.

My Work & Credits

  • play

    Write Away

    My roles: Writer, Director, Producer

    Production company
    View Shift Productions
    • Script Name: The Narrator Draft: 5 More...
  • play

    Night Palace

    My role: Producer

    Production company
    New Wave Productions
  • play


    My roles: Writer, Sam, Producer

    Production company
    BarnDoor Productions