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Shooting People
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Dwayne Brown

Screenwriter, Director

Current Work Details

What I do

I'm a writer-director.


I don't have a company... yet.

Where I work

I am an individual working from home

Resources / Expertise

I am here to offer my services as a screenwriter. I'm interested in development and re-writes. However, it depends on each individual case.


Paid Work or Collaboration

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Ninja Scroll, Predator, Pulp Fiction, Barry Lyndon, Demolition Man, Starship Troopers, Robocop, The Hateful Eight, No Country for Old Men, and many, many more!!

I cried watching

Black Beauty, when I was a kid. Got choked up at the end of 13hrs.

I left the cinema during

Always stayed to the end, but Ultraviolet was pretty bad, and Spiderman 3 was pretty bad.

Directors I love

I wouldn't say "love", but I definitely respect the work of: Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, The Cohen Brothers, Paul Verhoeven, Stanley Kubrick, Nicholas Winding Refn, and many more.

Actors I admire

I'm starting to favour "character" actors, so anyone in a Tarantino movie or Cohen Brothers movie.

Writers I respect

I tend to like writer-directors.

My desert island discs

See, the "Films I wish I'd made" section. Add to that, Cyber City Oedo 808, Space Adventure Cobra (with VHS soundtrack). I think it would be a shipping crate worth.

Books I have given my friends

Across The Nightingale Floor and Basic Economics.

My death row meal

Salmon, diced potatoes, basmati rice, mixed veg, salad, the appropriate dressing for the greens and the Salmon, paired with a nice wine. As an indulgence KA canned fizzy drink. Definitely not a bad way to check out.

The best thing I own

My laptop. I get to write.

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