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Shooting People
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Jeffrey Perry

Screenwriter, Executive Producer, Producer

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Films I wish I had made

Jaws and The Goonies

I cried watching

Do you remember a little film called 'Lucas'? I cried when he opened his locker and a oversized letterman jacket was there waiting for him. Everyone did the 80's clap. It was awesome.

I left the cinema during

I can't remember ever leaving a movie.

Directors I love

I travel the spectrum here: Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith

Actors I admire

I still will go with Robert Downey Jr. Not for all is wonderfulness the past years but that he saw his faults, dealt with them and persevered as a prominent and well respected actor as he once was. I don't see Iron man I see Chaplin or Julian in 'Less than Zero' performances.

Writers I respect

Honestly since Writing is my main forte I have to say I respect all writers in any capacity.

My desert island discs

Hmm, should it be the Beach Boys? Na, I go with 80's American Rock.

My death row meal

Well as a true East Coaster I would have to say Lobster. Oh and I think probably a hot fudge sundae, New England style. Ya' sure that will do it.

The best thing I own

My visual mind. So long as I always have see things so visually I have everything I need.

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