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James Harvey

Camera Operator, Editor, Cinematographer, Runner, Director of Photography, Camera Assistant, DV Camera Operator, Driver

Current Work Details

What I do

Self-Shooting DP

Blog Feed

Where I work

I am an individual working from home

Technical Skills

Experience in both HD and 4K Cameras, Editing, Lighting

Resources / Expertise

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K EF, State-of-the-art PC used for editing


Paid Work or Collaboration



Kent College,
Film, Radio & Television, BTEC National Diploma & Extra A-Level


Canterbury Christ Church University,
Film, Radio & Television (specialising in cinematography), BA Hons

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Years ago, I had an idea for a horror film using CCTV and baby cams. A friend of mine said it sounded stupid, so I never made it. About four years later, Paranormal Activity came out and a billion-dollar franchise was born! I still remind him of that when he offers his advice!

I cried watching

Only two films that ever made me cry. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, the bell ringing scene at the end and more recently, the ‘A Star Is Born’ remake, where the dog sits outside the garage door near the end.

I left the cinema during

Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong’, never has a film bored me so much.

Directors I love

Wes Anderson and Guillermo del Toro are the main ones.

Actors I admire

So many, some of my super favourites are: Amy Adams - Harrison Ford - Ian McShane - Judi Dench - Ricky Whittle - Rutger Hauer - Ryan Gosling - Sigourney Weaver

Writers I respect

Dan Abnett - Philip K. Dick - H.P. Lovecraft - Edgar Allan Poe

My desert island discs

(1) Bruce Springsteen ‘Nebraska’ - (2) Old Crow Medicine Show ‘O.C.M.S’ - (3) Colter Wall ‘Imaginary Appalachia’ - (4) Courtney Marie Andrews ‘Honest Life’ - (5) Johnny Cash ‘American V’ - (6) Caitlin Rose ‘Own Side Now’ - (7) Sugar Monkey ‘The Ice Cream Fox’ - (8) Bob Dylan ‘The Freewheeling’ Bob Dylan’

Books I have given my friends

Dan Abnett: ‘Gaunt’s Ghost’ series - Dan Abnett ‘Eisenhorn’ series - Joseph V. Mascelli ‘The Five C’s of Cinematography’ - Robert Rodriguez ‘Rebel without a Crew’

My death row meal

Fish & Chips and Haggis!

The best thing I own

My Camera: Blackmagic production cinema camera 4k & my computer.

More about me

My passion for cameras, cinematography and editing was given an early kick-start when my Uncle came to stay for his regular annual holiday at the family home in a remote Lake District Valley. He had bought, a then state of the art, VHS video camera and we spent a sometimes rather wet and/or foggy summer filming across one of the most beautiful areas in the UK; he as teacher and director and me as ‘gopher’ and student. Since then my passion for cameras, cinematography and editing has been a part of all aspects of my life. No matter where I am or what I’m doing I am constantly watching and mentally recording light, shadows and how they are formed so I can use, interpret and reproduce them later as needed. This has become an instinct now a little like breathing for me. Coming from a family that have worked in the creative field, my mother was a creature effect artist in the film industry and my uncle works in the video game industry, I was set to follow in their footsteps. For a while I worked in both film and television starting at the young age of 14 on ‘Wings of a Dove’. Then Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, as a camera operator at the age of 17. In 1999 I took a day job in the Civil Service to raise money to go to Australia as the film industry relocated there when a heavy tax was imposed in the UK. With one thing and another it has been 17 years later before I have left to return to follow my passion full time again. I made use of the intervening time, while still working at the ‘day job’ to study at university where I specialised in cinematography and landscape photography. During this time, I also continued to work on a part-time basis in the media industry, starting my own company utilising the experience of my mother and another close friend, to create several of our own projects. The company is still on-going. I have recently finished creating my fourth music video, they are all different styles for different music genres, from Black Metal to English Folk/Roots. On top of this I have also created/filmed/edited a number of videos for Toyah Willcox’s live shows in 2017. I was the head of media for the four years the Dover Music Festival was running (2014-2018). My job was both creating the promotional videos as well as filming/editing the entire festival myself on several cameras at the same time. Then with the footage produce a number of videos for their YouTube channel, which I also ran on their behalf. On top of this I was working with RSBlu Sound, to feed a mix of pre-created videos I made with live feed on their large screen being used as the stage backdrop. I have designed and produced a number of adverts for local businesses, the latest being R.K. Graphics. I have a high understanding of social media video production, creating and filming/editing/directing a number of ‘live’ shows as well as Vlogs for different sites from a fashion company to a guitar pedalboard show. In my spare time, I volunteer by lending my expertise and assistance in several local community projects including filming, producing, editing and assisting with the Dover Athletic Youth Team. It is the work I do with the Youth Team that I am most proud of. My filming work has helped several of the young players to obtain high grades in their sport science A-Levels as the videos were used by them in their project, this has assisted them in gaining positions at University. It has also helped some of them gain a professional contract with several mainstream football clubs in England. ALSO I love dogs, mainly Jack Russel's (I have seven dogs!).

My Work & Credits