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Shooting People
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Chloe wigmore

Actor, Writer, Director, Script Supervisor, Personal Assistant, Producer

Current Work Details

What I do

Actor and masseuse



Where I work

I am just me

Technical Skills

Actor, accent work,

Resources / Expertise



Paid Work or Collaboration



Birmingham school of Acting,
BA Honours degree Acting, BA Honours degree


East 15 Acting school,
Cert HE foundation degree, Certificate of higher education in acting

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Three billboards, Fight club, Indiana Jones (mainly the last crusade a d raiders of the lost ark), Dr strange love , Moulin Rouge.

I cried watching

The Perfect Storm (don't ask, I was a hormonal 14year old) Three Billboards, The Green Mile.

I left the cinema during

Never have done but I'm sure there have been occasions where I wish I had done.

Directors I love

Spielberg, Kubrick, Baz Lurnham

Actors I admire

Andrew Scott, Rachel Weisz, Maggie Smith,

Writers I respect

Craig Mazin.

My desert island discs

3am Matchbox twenty, Nightswimming REM, Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals,

Books I have given my friends

This is going to hurt By Adam Kay

My death row meal

Never thought about it.

The best thing I own

My teddy bear Old Bear who has been round the world more then I have.

More about me

I have a foot shape freckle on my arm, trained Masseuse and offer freelancer and performer rates. I could eat chocolate till I'm sick.

My Work & Credits