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Shooting People
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Becky Matthews

Writer, Director

Current Work Details

What I do





Where I work

I am just me

Technical Skills

Script Writing, Copywriting, Pro Tools, Audition, Shoot Logistics

Resources / Expertise

My specialist knoweldge is in music and pop culture. I have experience in music journalism, documentaries, entertainment and short films


Paid Work or Collaboration



Middlesex University,
Writing and Publishing and Media and Cultural Studies, BA Joint Honours 2:1


City University,
Introduction to Digital Filmmaking

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Withnail & I Leon

I cried watching

Leon, E.T...a few more!

I left the cinema during

Never...but I have been tempted.

Directors I love

Ana Lily Armipour, Ava DuVernay, Sofia Coppolla, Mike Leigh, Edgar Wright, Stanley Kubrick,Wes Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock among others

Actors I admire

Emily Watson, Zawe Ashton, Tim Robbins, John Cusack, Audrey Hepburn, Jason Schwartzman, Adam Driver, Diane Keaton, Bill Murray, Laura Linney, Alice Lowe, Edie Falco, Greta Gerwig.

Writers I respect

Julia Davies, Alice Lowe,Armando Iannucci, Steve Coogan, Patrick Marber, Jeremy Dyson, Chris Morris, Lena Dunham, Vince Gilligan.

My desert island discs

Stevie Wonder-Talking Book, Blur-Modern Life Is Rubbish, Blondie-Parralel lines, Belle & Sebastian -Tiger Milk

Books I have given my friends

Everything is Illuminated-Jonathan Safran Foer, Touching From A Distance-Deborah Curtis, Running With Scissors -Augusten Burroughs

My Work & Credits