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Shooting People
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Bruce Middlemiss

Stills Photographer

Current Work Details

What I do

Stills photography


Where I work

I am just me

Technical Skills

Commercial and event photographer

Resources / Expertise

Have all my own equipment / 10 years and photographer / 5 years manager for Met Police FIlm Unit


Paid Work or Collaboration

Shooters Q&A

I cried watching

Saving Private Ryan, Untamed Heart, Mr Hollands Opus

I left the cinema during

Never left the cinema

Directors I love

Richard Donner, Christopher Nolan, Brian de Palma, Martin Scorsese

Actors I admire

Leonardo Dicaprio

Writers I respect

Aaron Sorkin

My desert island discs

too many to mention

Books I have given my friends

Pillars of the Earth

The best thing I own

My cameras

More about me

I have been a photographer for 10 years after learning so I could capture photos of my son as he grew up, and my passion started there. I am in my final year as a Police Inspector in the Met Police where I manage the MPS Film Unit, so have experience of the challenges of location filming and processes of working with partners and local authorities. I have no experience working on productions but have extensive experience photography in challenging and time sensitive environments. I am also in the unique position that I can for the next 12 months offer my services for free for the right projects.

My Work & Credits