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Shooting People
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Felix von Nida

Director, Assistant Director, Stills Photographer, Editor, Cinematographer

Current Work Details

What I do

Run & Gun Filmmaker - Corporate/BTS/Documentary

Where I work

I am an individual working from home

Technical Skills

Self Shooter - 5D or similar.


Paid Work Only

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

The Wolfpack, Cartel Land, Dig, Waltz with Bashir, Fear of 13

I cried watching

It's a Wonderful Life, Mary and Max, Life is Beautiful.

Directors I love

Werner Herzog, Michael Moore, Wes Anderson, David Fincher, IƱarritu, Chris Nolan, Kubrick, Coen brothers.

My desert island discs

Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan, To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra, Gentle on My Mind - Dean Martin, I Won't Kneel - Groove Armada, Don't Stop Me Now - Queen, Born on the Bayou - Creedence, I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab for Cutie, Stuck in the Middle with You - Steeler's Wheel.

Books I have given my friends

Breakfast of Champions - Kurt Vonnegut, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M. Pirsig

My death row meal

An Argentinian Barbecue

The best thing I own

My Cameras

My Work & Credits