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Shooting People
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Richard Higson

Director, TV Director, Writer, Screenwriter

Great Britain , London

Current Work Details

What I do




Where I work

I am an individual working from home

Technical Skills

Self shooter on all kinds of camera. Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro

Resources / Expertise

Avid Suite, Very experienced cameraman, Edit producer, Director, writer


Paid Work or Collaboration

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

John's Not Mad, Whistle and I'll Come To You, Rain in my Heart, If...

I cried watching

When Peter Davison regenerates in Doctor Who

I left the cinema during

Father of the Bride

Directors I love

Lawrence Gordon Clark, Alan Clarke, Mike Leigh, Shane Meadows, Paul Watson, Peter Watkins

Actors I admire

David Thewlis, Michael Bryant, Tim Spall, Chris Eccleston

Writers I respect

Graham Greene, Dan Rhodes, Magnus Mills, Charles Dickens, Robert Holmes

My desert island discs

I'm gonna put a bar in the back of my car and drive myself to drink by Dean Martin

Books I have given my friends

Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills.

My death row meal

Kebabs. No cucumber, plenty of chilli

The best thing I own

My camera.

More about me

Enough already

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