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Shooting People
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Jon (Jack) Gritton

Director, Editor

Current Work Details

What I do

Pretty much anything that pays the bills

Where I work

I run my own company or organisation

Technical Skills

Adobe Premiere, After Effects (including programmed effects), Robotics, Electronic Devices

Resources / Expertise

Most programming languages, electronic props (ray guns, control panels, etc.)


Paid Work or Collaboration



BBC Technical Assistant

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Twelve Monkeys

I cried watching

Almost anything to be honest, I'm a terrible sucker for sad scenes. I even shed a few tears during Galaxy Quest, and that's a comedy.

I left the cinema during

I would never leave a cinema.

Directors I love

Clint Eastwood. Yes, really.

Actors I admire

Kevin Spacey (for too many reasons to list), Brad Pitt (for being prepared to appear unattractive), Patrick Stewart (for his on-set antics)

Writers I respect

HG Wells, for seeing the future.

My desert island discs

Pink Floyd - The Wall. War of the Worlds.

Books I have given my friends

Death is a Lonely Business - Ray Bradbury

My death row meal

Proper full English breakfast. Must include fried bread and black pudding.

The best thing I own

My car. Sorry, I know that's really sad...

My Work & Credits