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Shooting People
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Tipton Froy

Writer, Screenwriter

Current Work Details

What I do

Novels and screenplays

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Drive, Under The Skin, The Matrix, Her, Mulholland Drive, If, Local Hero, Taxi Driver, Dead Man's Shoes

I cried watching

Phenomenon, Manchester By The Sea

I left the cinema during


Directors I love

Shane Meadows, Martin Scorcese, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Steven Soderbergh, Oliver Stone, Kathryn Bigelow

Actors I admire

Alec Baldwin, Scarlett Johanssen, Bill Murray, Casey Affleck, Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Moss, Susan Sarandon

Writers I respect

Tina Fey, Aaron Sorkin, Oliver Stone

My desert island discs

Tinseltown In The Rain - The Blue Nile; Lucky Man - Emerson Lake and Palmer; Aja - Steely Dan; Now or Never - Halsey; People Help The People - Birdy.

Books I have given my friends

Dual - Tipton Froy

The best thing I own

my computer

More about me

Actresses with the name Jessica always seem to be beautiful.