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Shooting People
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Tobey Alexander

Writer, Screenwriter, Film Lover

Current Work Details

What I do

Independent author, screenwriting


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Where I work

I am just me

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

The Departed, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Raiders Of The Lost Ark

I cried watching

Spartacus War Of The Damned (final episode - sorry it isn't a film), End Of Watch

I left the cinema during

Hard Candy

Directors I love

Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese

Actors I admire

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson

Writers I respect

Christopher Nolan, Ben Kane (author)

Books I have given my friends

Spartacus (Ben Kane), The Lost World

My death row meal

Beans on toast with poached eggs!

The best thing I own

My imagination!

More about me

I am a father of three, husband, full-time worker and part-time writer. I am simply someone with a mad imagination trying to show his children that if you put your heart and soul into something you can achieve.