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Shooting People
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Vitoria de Mello Franco

Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Casting Director, Art Director

Current Work Details

What I do

Exploring possibilities within what we define as fashion and performance.


Technical Skills

Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Premiere and InDesign. Basic knowledge of Cinema4D and 3D rendering, working in both PC and Apple Macintosh.

Resources / Expertise

Won a Kering Group competition for Stella McCartney in partnership with Central Saint Martins. The project 'Display is a rehearsal' – series of videos made in 2017: was nominated for Creative Unions, the London Design Festival 2017 exhibition in collaboration with Central Saint Martins; and was featured in two industry-leading websites showcasing the best in alternative digital design and contemporary internet. Has written, directed and edited a video-art piece for Visionaire (www.visionaireworld,com) and another for the BFI (


Paid Work or Collaboration



Central Saint Martins,
BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion, First-class honours

Social Media and Film