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Shooting People
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jane foster

Director, Script Editor, Screenwriter

Great Britain , London

Current Work Details

What I do

director, producer, writer


23 films


Where I work

I am an individual working from home

Technical Skills

Trained to direct, write and script edit

Resources / Expertise



Paid Work Only



Raindance and Script Factory,
Directors diploma, Script readers training, various writing and production courses


Goldsmiths University of London,
MA Screenwriting, Master of Arts

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

I love many films and filmmaking styles, but as my style is all my own, I am quite happy for those films I admire to have been made by their existing filmmakers!! so I do not wish i had made anything except my own stuff!

I cried watching

gladiator, steel magnolias and shawshank redemption, the green mile.. and several others i cannot remember

I left the cinema during

scarface - I was a bit young at the time and could not deal with it! Also walked out of a Cannes film premier - a dreadful French Film i cannot remember the name of

Directors I love

Ridley Scott, Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Niccol, Curtis Hanson

Actors I admire

Johnny Depp, Clive Owen, Judi Dench, Samantha Morton, Cate blanchett

Writers I respect

Simon Beaufoy and Richard Curtis for becoming successful in a country where its hard to!

My desert island discs

Changes constantly....

Books I have given my friends

James bond - casino royale. Tales of Narnia,The Lion, witch and wardrobe. Linda goodmans star signs to several people.

My death row meal

scallops, followed by carpaccio, followed by zabaglione

The best thing I own

Sad - My i phone

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