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Shooting People
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Naomi Shakespeare




Buckinghamshire New University,
Film and TV Production, BA (Hons)

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

None I wish I'd made, more films I'd like to remake: Imitation of Life, Polly!, a lot of race films from the 30s on onwards etc.

I cried watching

Imitation of Life (1934 + 59), Titanic (obviously), Sleepers, The King and I, The Fox and the Hound and many many many many others. I cry in films. Alot.

I left the cinema during

Lego Movie 2 (my son got bored, too much action)

My desert island discs

Antics by Interpol, Stars by Simply Red, Flaws by Bombay Bicycle Club, Happy to Be Here by Barrie, Kids by The Midnight, White on Blonde by Texas, The Complete Greatest Hits - Eagles, Can't Love, Can't Hurt - Augustana, Sons of Anarchy Vol 4. Soundtrack, Mario Lanza - The Best of Everything by Mario Lanza, and probably a mixtape of my favourite songs

Books I have given my friends

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, The Bible by youknowwho

My death row meal

Pepperoni Pizza or a Hot Dog with everything. Or both. With a tub of ice cream.

The best thing I own

A leather bound collection of Jules Verne novels/short stories.

More about me

I'm a huge fan of Classical Hollywood, it's what I grew up watching. Slow cinema's my second favourite, followed by documentaries and European art films.

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