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Shooting People
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Writer, Screenwriter

Current Work Details

What I do

Screenwriter and novelist


The Mendelson Partnership


Where I work

I am an individual working from home

Technical Skills


Resources / Expertise

years of |TV scriptwriting. Now screenwriting and novel-writing


Paid Work or Collaboration

Social Media and Film

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

The Graduate. La Strada. 40-Year Virgin. Cabaret.

I cried watching

The Music Man. Old Yeller. Schindlers List

I left the cinema during

A bomb scare

Directors I love

Fellini. Preston Sturges. Roman Polanski. Suzanne Bier. Woody Allen.

Actors I admire

Sally Field. Humphrey Bogart. Shirley Maclaine. Jack Nicholson. Bill Nighy.

Writers I respect

Aaaron Sorkin. Billy Wilder. Ben Hecht. Ernest Lehman. Woody Allen. Jimmy McGovern

My desert island discs

Intermezzo (Cavalliera Rusticana) Every Time We say Goodbye - Ella Fitzgerald. Blackbird (Paul McCartney) A Little Priest (Stephen Sondheim) I Am What I Am. Theme from la Strada. Look For Small Pleasures (Robert Goulet) Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

Books I have given my friends

We Are Called to Rise (Laura McBride) Where d'you go Bernadette (maria Semple) A Bell for Adano (John Hersey) In the Matter of Isabel (Paul A Mendelson)

My death row meal

Like I could eat!

The best thing I own

My home - with all the mementos of a life inside it.

More about me

I am an established TV writer and very new novelist (June 28th!) with some acclaimed screenplays I would like to get made.

My Work & Credits

  • TV default

    May to December

    My role: Writer

    Production company
    Cinema Verity
  • TV default

    So Haunt Me

    My role: Writer

    Production company
    Cinema Verity/BBC
  • TV default

    My Hero

    My role: Writer

    Production company
    Big Bear/BBC
  • TV default

    Neighbors From Hell

    My role: Writer

    Production company
    Dreamworks Animation/|Fox
  • Film default

    A Meeting in Seville

    My role: Writer