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Hey, I need a Good Producer for my Short Film (thank you current Postees!)

So, i'm doing a short film; I've written it, storyboarded it with a talented DOP who's on the project for the long term; the subject matter is subversive, dark and hopefully a little bit intriguing and I'm thinking - where have all the good Producers gone - in London - the ones that saw a project and felt to themselves, I'm going to have a punt on this. For a guy who used to work at the UK Film Council in 2003, and worked as a Project Funding Assistant; I remember Producers that wouldn't necessarily think about monetisation and deciding what's the best territory to recoup Cost; but far from it for me to say that the Film Industry isn't a money making machine; it IS! ... I'm just wondering are there still people out there that get a buzz from working within an excellent team; feeling like they're making something of worth. People who collaborate and inadvertently become good friends as well as collaborators and people who understand that sense of Community; but also people who get why films like Cool Hand Luke exist; who think films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid and Bonnie and Clyde are the best that were ever made; who understand that Alan Ball's exceptional script for American Beauty was the reason it won the Oscar. Who actually understand that Good Will Hunting is as an important film as When Harry Met Sally... Basically, it's really hard to find someone, in this day and age, that isn't thinking about money first... and well, if you're one of those people that isn't always money motivated and thinks they understand what I'm saying, i'd be happy to hear your thoughts...

  • Short films are all non-commercial, and there are plenty of good production guys around London - I think the issue might be that from your post it makes it sound like what you really want is for someone to pay for your film? A producer is more than a chequebook, and indeed seeing as there's no way to even break even on a short, they probably aren't even that.

    If you have raised the films costs, you'll find plenty of upcoming producers who are happy to invest their time and effort in your film. If you're hoping for someone to come and spend thousands of pounds on a short, it may be a more difficult sell. Any help?

    2 years ago
  • Hey Paddy, Thanks for the comment. I think you raise a good point, but NO, I don't want anyone to pay for my short film other than myself. I'm a Producer and Director and I know what budgeting for a short film takes, as well as commercial video, social video etc etc. In regards to your point, and my own, I'm trying to say that where are the Producers that believe in just plain good storytelling, over monetary gain. The kind of Producer who wants to 'drive' to make a film and be passionate about it because of collaboration, story and further stronger better connections within the industry. Maybe I'm being naive and bit blase... but currently, I've not found a producer for my project - and I'm quite clearly frustrated!! ;-) .. as I thought being part of Shooting People would mean the offers would come 'Flooding in'

    I need a Producer to take a punt on my project; I will self fund it and even though I want people to know that yes, expenses are covered it's more about the 'magic of filmmaking' and the 'Joy of storytelling' with which I want to inspire people to say, 'hey - maybe this guy is onto something, I'll give him a call'...

    That's what the discussion is about really - a rant! to say the least! but also a discussion about why we DO what we do, whether it be realising a shot, wish fulfillment, achieving a goal with filmmaking, the essence, so to speak :-)

    Thanks again for your comment Paddy

    2 years ago
  • You're comparing studio features with low/no budget short films. A huge, massive world apart.

    There are also many good producers out there and not just in London. There are also many, many, many short films being made with producers attached (good or not so good). It's highly assumptive for someone who has only made one short film to say there are no good producers about anymore, just because one doesn't want to work on your film - probably for free/expenses. You need to get real!

    A producers job starts long before most other crew come aboard and are typically still around long after everyone else has left. This is a huge commitment even on a short film. And when it pays nothing, the blood sweat and tears it takes to get through prep, prod and post, let alone out to festivals as well, can sap the soul of the best of us.

    Why not start your post again and say - "hey, I need a producer for my great film." That would be a much better start and probably get a more positive conversation going.

    And if you have contacted a lot of producers already and they are turning down your project, you need to go back and breakdown why you're getting rejected. Is the project developed enough? Is it a realistic film? Does it need a huge budget that's not realistic? Is it pure pants?

    There's lots you can do to move forward, just not in the way you have done. First impressions and all that...!

    My 2c worth.


    2 years ago
  • Hey Lee

    Thank you for your comment. I agree with you actually - maybe I should start with a better title; to the feed. I was actually writing it in a way to incite a reaction to see what would happen; but I wasn't actually trying to present a negative effect.

    Inadvertently, I think I have - and because of this I think I will change the title to this post to your suggestion.

    In answer to your questions, I believe I'm NOT actually comparing studio features to lo/ no budget short films.

    I've also made three short films and countless content for broadcasters and digital and online brands; in my 14 year media career; but it is true I am NEW to directing my own Short film (I produced my last two and we took them to the Short Film Corner in Cannes and around Festivals in 2006/2007) so it's been a while! :-)

    Well, in order to make sure I'm not pissing off the masses with a poorly titled post - I will change it!

    Thanks for our advice, your words are much appreciated actually.


    ps. The film won't be pants! I promise! haha

    2 years ago