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Shooting People
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Hello SP network,

MICROPUBS - THE NEW LOCAL is the first feature length documentary ever about the rise of the micropub.

A micropub mainly serves cask ale, promotes conversation & shuns all forms of electronic entertainment. These single room pubs, no bigger than your living room, usually only hold a handful of people and focus on community. And now, with over 300 micropubs and counting in the UK, the movement is so popular it has inspired micropub-crawls and even a micropub guide! However, it's still virtually unknown to the masses.

Danny Eycott, James Fishman and I are a trio of Bexley filmmakers who have already started documenting micropub owners' journeys for over a year already as part of this project. We've been self-funding until now but we're in need of some help to take it to the next stage, getting this film finished and out into the world. That's where I'm hoping the SP community can help support us independent filmmakers!

We’re crowdfunding this one-of-a-kind documentary because although it’s a niche idea, the movement is growing in popularity and has potential to reach a wider audience across the UK. It's a light-hearted people-led documentary so that's why we want to make it on our own terms.

We’re looking to raise up to £10K in only 21 days and that will allow us the funds to finish filming and fully complete the documentary for early next year.

If you’re interested to hear more and would love to support us, check out the project on the link below.

Please do get in touch with us if you’d like to hear more or can help us in any way. The micropub owners share the same entrepreneurial spirit as freelancers, so I'm hoping that you take to the ideas as much as we have.

For as little as £4 (the average cost of a pint according to Campaign For Real Ale), you can support the project by buying us a digital pint.