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Would anyone like to have their music in my film

I am adding music to my feature length film, called 'Elsa and The Riel Dancers' all proceeds of the film will go towards the young Riel Dancers for their education and touring costs, I need some music more instrumental that has a big cinematic sound to fit in with the sequence below

The last time we used an artists music, which they allowed us to use for a credit in our short film, we managed to win them an award in a festival in the USA for 'original music score in a short film', so anything is possible.

  • Is it just for this scene you require music or do you require music for the entire film?

    1 month ago
    • Mainly for 5his scene, although 5here maybe some filler music in other place

      1 month ago
  • Hey Moira, I've just finished a feature for Halogen Films - I'd love to write some music for your film - let me know what sort of vibe you're after...:)

    1 month ago
    • We have no budget I assume you won't do this for credit in the film, we have been allow use of 3 songs so far

      1 month ago
  • Hi Moira, is there a budget for music for the film? Happy to discuss privately if you prefer.
    Many thanks,

    1 month ago
    • Hi Adrian we have no budget left we have to spend what remains of our budget on sorting out the sound as the audio isn't so great

      1 month ago
  • Yes I could do this. Piano would work very well for this so let me know if you would like me to try? Hope you’re well. Jill

    4 weeks ago